Niko Sawa is a Wellbeing concept developed by Dr. Regina Kessy (PhD) a specialist in cross-cultural communication in the digital era.

Niko Sawa is a very common Swahili expression meaning I am OK/I am fine!

The concept borrows from Transactional Analysis’ Four life positions, which provide a great framework for exploring interaction within groups.

Those life positions are as follows:

I am OK You are OK :I feel good about myself and treat others with respect and kindness.

I am OK You are not OK:I believe I am superior to others and instinctively disrespect or bully them!

I am not OK You are OK:I think that I am inferior to others and accept their mistreatment of me..

I am not OK, you are not OK: I totally feel worthless and find no purpose in respecting anyone else!

Feeling genuinely OK about oneself is a good start for maintaining a positive outlook on life and treating others with kindness.  It is the healthiest position to cultivate and indeed a virtue to nurture for life.

Let us try to nurture our inherent OK-ness!

Neuroscience is telling us that our cells are eavesdropping on our thoughts ALL THE TIME in order to produce and transmit the relevant hormones that make us either happy or sad!

It is thoughts that influence our wellbeing. They can empower or disempower. More positive thoughts = more happiness!