A longitudinal qualitative research indicates that there is a considerable gap in educational interventions that prepare pre-secondary school children (11-12 years olds) with comprehensive skills and right attitude before acquiring social media profiles, for instance Facebook, which is permitted from 13 years of age. We have therefore teamed up with a local Community Organisation Canalside Phase One Training, which has long experience of working with disadvantaged youth in Cheshire East and beyond.

We are scaling up the diverse programmes and conducting a unique Media Literacy training aimed at 11-19 years olds. The ten weeks training will enable them to be competent communicators, likewise, we empower them with heightened self-confidence so they can spread those competencies to their peers in their communities, schools and on the world wide web.

Due to the shrinking of cultural space in modern society, the training emphasizes on mindful cross-cultural interactions on social media, with special focus on respecting differences and becoming optimistic Global Citizens. To this end we aim at create a Centre of Excellence for transcultural discussions, which we will broadcast on the local Canalside Community Radio.