TUKO SAWA SOCIETY is an online community of wellbeing activists who are keen to restore harmony by networking compassionately and forming work groups to create transformative projects in their communities. We are guided by the values of HUMANITY-LOVE-UNITY and call ourselves #AmbassadorsOfLove (Mabalozi wa Upendo).TUKO SAWA is a wellbeing concept developed by Transcultural Foundation in the UK and piloted in Tanzania in November 2019. TUKO SAWA translates as “We are OK” or “We are Equal” and is underpinned by transculturalism, which simply put means “seeing yourself in others.

”TUKO SAWA reinforces Article 1 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights , which states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” (1948)

The interpretation and adaptation of the transcultural concept to Swahili (Tuko Sawa -we are OK/equal) works very well in creating a common culture amongst the TUKO SAWA SOCIETY who are spread in all corners of Tanzania and belong to different tribes, religions, professions and social backgrounds. As Ambassadors of Love without reasons (Mabalozi wa Upendo usiokuwa na sababu) we volunteer in our communities sharing the concept and motivating others to care for the environment starting at a personal level. Our motto is #EdenMustReturn. The word Eden is used to signify harmony because once that is restored even at a personal level, people feel happier and treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Tuko Sawa is a common-sense tool and a moral compass for acknowledging the fundamental biological equality in all humans vis-à-vis our mortality and the need to treat one another with dignity and empathy. In other words, our task as one human family is to care for one another and nurture biodiversity so that the coming generations can also satisfy their needs infinitely.

During the first year of TUKO SAWA SOCIETY, many ambassadors have gone out of their way to facilitate face-to-face meetings and the result is electrifying testimonials of instant kinship and enduring bond. So far, many have initiated volunteering work to protect the environment and address extreme poverty by planting more food crops at home and in schools. Furthermore, there is an ongoing campaign to create more TUKO SAWA centres of excellence around Tanzania where pupils, students or community members are taught valuable life skills and other TUKO SAWA competencies such as:

Self-managing Competencies
Ability to learn (Quickly understanding and applying information, concepts and strategies)

Self-Development orientation (Taking continuous action to improve personal capability)

Positive Self-image (Belief in oneself)

Interpersonal Awareness (Drawing inferences about and maintaining awareness of others’ interests, moods and concerns)

Independence (Holding to own convictions in the face of resistance (anticipated or actual)).

Thinking Competences
Conceptual Thinking (Identifying key issues, seeing relationships and drawing elements together into broad coherent frameworks)

Strategic Thinking (Taking the long term into consideration and developing broad objectives)

Innovativeness (Generating original and imaginative ideas and solutions to problems).

All the above aim to build capacity for harmonious Global Citizens with the ability to realise their own potential and use it for the greater good, whilst respecting diversity.

The vision is self-reliance and creation of community value chains (CVC) in order to turn challenges into opportunities. We do not ask what Tanzania can do for us instead act on what can we do for Tanzania!